What happens after a suicide

Following a suicide a Police investigation will be launched and an autopsy carried out to establish the immediate cause of death and determine that no one else was involved. Once this has been confirmed, the Senior Coroner notifies the Registry General which issues a death certificate, after which the funeral can take place. This process usually takes 7-10 days.

The final Police report - which can take several months to complete - is then forwarded to the Senior Coroner who will review the evidence and record a verdict of suicide (or accidental death or misadventure if evidence of suicide is inconclusive). In Bermuda it is very rare for the Coroner to hold a public  inquest but it can still be six months or more after the death before the final verdict is given.

During this process there are several official and practical matters that will need to be addressed by the next of kin. These may seem impersonal, intrusive and distressing at a time when you are in shock and overwhelmed by grief.  In addition, dealing with the resulting paperwork, legal and financial matters can be overwhelming, time-consuming and frustrating.  

This section is designed to tell you what to expect and offer guidance through some of the issues you may face and where you can get help.

If you find some of the tasks too much to cope with, you may wish to contact Sympathetic Solutions, a Bermuda company that offers practical help and solutions for the bereaved: www.ssbermuda.net or 538-1824