Bereaved by suicide

 Any loss of a loved one is deeply painful and emotional. After all, bereavement means "deprived by death". 

While many feelings of grief are common to different types of bereavement, each has its own characteristics. The grief experienced following the death of a loved one after a long illness, for example, is likely to have different dynamics from the loss of a child.  Losing someone to suicide has been described as “grief with the volume turned up” because of the intensity of emotional and physical reactions it can bring. 

We each respond differently and in our own time to a suicide and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve. The shock usually associated with a suicide can leave survivors confused, isolated and frightened. Many survivors experience similar feelings but not everyone experiences them all and some will feel them more intensely than others. There is no set order or time limit to these feelings and you may move in and out of them several times before they become less frequent or disappear. 

This section explains some of the common reactions to suicide and how you can help someone who has been bereaved by suicide.

For additional bereavement support in Bermuda, visit our Resources page.